Seriud AC1200 Quick Start Guide: How to set up with a PC without wireless feature

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Installation Precautions  

Seriud AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender adopts Qualcomm QCA9531+QCA9886 chip sullution,which ensures a stable signal expansion and excellent quality. It supports both2 GHz and 5 GHz bands and the default initial SSID is Seriud1200-2G andSeriud1200-5G.

After you've done the setup, its default new name (SSID) is yourexisting WiFi network name with "-2G" and "-5G" at the end.

The passworddefaults to the password of your main router WiFi to facilitate people memory and use the DE. After all Settings is complete, you can modify the password ofthe extender in20181022145251.pngAdvanced - 20181022145317.png Wireless Settings.

For Example:

Existing WiFi Network name (SSID): myhome

Existing WiFi Network password: 123456

New Extender WiFi Network name (SSID): myhome 2G and myhome 5G

New Extender WiFi Network password: 12345678

1. Make sure your ROUTER PASSWORD is correct, otherwise there will be no network after the installation is completed and you need to press the RESET button wihich is also the power lamp button for 10 seconds to restore the factory Settings, and thenset it up step by step.

2. Keep your phone constantly connected to the repeater throughout the setup process, because your phone may disconnect from the extender and connect to your router automatically, so if you can't access the login screen or youcan't go to the next step, check if your phone is disconnected from theextender.

Connect to an Existing WiFi Network

To extend therange of your WiFi network, you must connect the extender to your existing WiFinetwork. You can set it up with a wireless device such as smart phone ( See How to set up with a smartphone / laptop / tablet ) or a PC without wireless feature.

How to set up with a PC without wireless feature

Plug the extender into an electrical outlet proximity to the WiFi router or access point and wait for the Power Lamp to light on.

Use a network cable connect the extender and your PC.

Run a browser and input in the address bar.

Click LOGIN on the Login interface.

It will scan the wireless network signals around. Select the WiFi network you want to extend.

In the SSID field, set the new SSID for the 2Gand 5G frequency bands of your extender respectively, or use the default SSIDof your home WiFi name with “-2G” and “-5G” at the end.

In the Passwordfield, type the password of the existing WiFi network and click the  Apply button.

Wait about 2-3 minutes for it restarting itself.

After the set up is complete, the light will turn to green. Reconnect your computer or WiFi device to the new extended WiFi network.

Unplug theextender and move it to a new location that is about halfway between your router and the area with a poor  router WiFi signal. The location that you choose must be within the range of yourexisting WiFi router network.

Use the towerlamp on the front panel to help you choose a spot where the extender-to-router connection is optimal, the light is green with good signal and red with weaksignal. Locate it several times to find the optimal location.

Reconnect your WiFi device to the new extended network.

Note: The extender defaulted network segment is, if the main router networkis also, you must modify the network segment of the extender orthe superior network first, or use the extender in Bridge Mode in20181022145251.pngAdvanced, see How to set up the Bridge Mode.

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