Seriud AC1200: How to set up AP/Router/Bridge Mode

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Please make settings in the management interface of the extender in (Note: keep your smart phone or laptop continuously connected tothe extender throughout the installation, otherwise you cannot enter the management interface).


How to Set up Router Mode: click 20181022145713.png Home Page, select Router Mode, select PPPOE, input the account and password provided by your ISP,and click Apply. It can create an instant private wireless N network and enablemultiple devices to share it.

How to Set up Access Point Mode(AP): click 20181022145713.pngHomePage, select AP Mode, and wait until the Settings is successful, then Use an Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet port on the extender to a routerEthernet LAN port or a remote Ethernet LAN jack with LAN access. The extender joins the LAN and creates a WiFi hotspot. It can covert a wired network to a wireless network.

How to Set up Bridge Mode: click20181022145251.pngAdvanced, select Bridge Mode and enter the main router password. It can extend WiFi coverage of an existing wireless network, and allow the device connected to the extender tobe in the same network segment as the main router.

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